Past Projects

Beautification of Roadways

Members of WAA have assisted in clean-up projects in the farm lot areas several times.

Our most recent project is through the generosity of Tom Staton who owns Quality Turfgrass. He has donated his time as well as turf grass to help beautify the farm lot walkways. He has planted hundreds of square feet of grass to help create a pleas

ant environment that will continuously give pedestrians as well as equestrians a

beautiful, enjoyable walk or ride.

Members have also helped landscape Weinberg Village and Blanche Pope School by donating plants, time and labor. We all feel that by beautifying our neighborhoods, we will instill a sense of pride and prevent unnecessary dumping of litter.

Both Blanche Pope and Waimanalo Elementary schools have started an agricultural program and plants were donated to these projects, as well.

Christmas 2006

Picture3In 2006, Fred Humphrey asked community schools to give WAA members a “wish list” of  Christmas gifts that needy children would want. The list surprised us because of the sheer number of gifts that were called for. It was a tremendous undertaking but members came through by donating money or gifts to fulfill our goals. We managed to give each and every child on the list several gifts instead of just the single one that was planned. Mrs. Claus (Debbie Humphrey) along with some very helpful elves assisted in the gift wrapping.

Some of our elves are pictured below. We couldn’t get all of the elves because we didn’t have their photos but all members are sincerely appreciated.  We are grateful for everyone’s commitment to make Christmas a little brighter for those less fortunate than them. Mahalo to all who helped make this a totally worthwhile  project.



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