Annual School Supplies Drive 2015

Yaaaaay! WAA does it again! Our school’s wish list had fans as their #1  priority. Anyone can understand why, when enduring the suffocating humidity and heat of August and September. We were very fortunate that despite losing one of our most generous donors, members stepped up to the task to get our drive going and succeeded in accumulating enough donations to purchase these fans. We bought and delivered early, before the stores ran out as they did in prior years. These fans were the biggest hit in all of the years of donations. The kids were so grateful to have something to cool off their classrooms and they showed this by writing a whole bunch of  thank you letters. How nice to read letters from kindergartners up to the 7th grade. They even had drawings on their notes. WAA supplied door mats, rubber balls, sanitizing wipes and the usual, much needed  SLIPPERS! WAA also presented a check for the school’s transportation fund.

It is truly gratifying to give to students who can show their appreciation. This trait is slowly disappearing in the young people of today. We had a lot of letters plus some montages that I could not scan. We even had letters from kindergartners. Please take some time to read these great thank you notes (with their own drawings).

You can read some of these here:

Thank you letters

Thank you letters2

Thank you letters 3

Thank you letters 4

8-19-15 TY-Fans


TY-5th Grade

Annual School Supplies Drive 2015

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