About Us

The Waimanalo Agriculture Association was formed in November 1995 to address a number of concerns in the neighborhood. The main worry was the increasing crime rate in the farm lots. While the overall purpose of the association is to improve the safety, security and appearance of the neighborhood; to encourage communication and fellowship among members; and to work together for long term solutions to problems, the association was originally formed because of the escalating theft in the farm areas.

Residents of the farm lots patrolled by car and met at Glenn’s Nursery every month. The mobile patrol, the first in the state, covered a large area from Flamingo Street to Ahiki Street, Hihimanu Street and mauka. In the area, there had been reports of stolen plants, equipment, fertilizer, and even expensive exotic birds. Because of the distances between houses, and certain businesses where there might not be someone around the clock, the Association took to driving the back roads of Waimanalo. A magnetic sign donated by Representative Eve Anderson identified the vehicle as being on Neighborhood Patrol. About fifty people in the organization took turns on patrol. The schedule covered day and night. Those who didn’t want to patrol, could participate in the neighborhood watch program by being aware of the surroundings–listening and looking out for their friends and calling 911 if something was suspicious. “Everyone had to be conscious of what’s going on,” said Calvin Hamachi.

Working with the police, we met people we didn’t know. Everyone was concerned,” said Glenn Miyashita. “If everyone participates and works together, we can make a difference.” Neighbors are coming together with neighbors, to make their streets, farms and homes safe from crime.” The neighborhood watch was very successful and was later narrowed down to an association of like-minded farmers who meet on every odd numbered month to discuss problems or new developments in the agricultural community.

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